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  • There is no fee to join Sustainable Journey
  • Let us help you build a bridge to a sustainable future
  • Students under the age of 18, must have a parent complete their enrollment, but you may become eligible to join our program at the age of 16.
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Sustainable Journey Requirements

  • Required schedule adherence per 14 day program
  • Successfully seek employment and adhere to plan of action.
  • Must be willing to volunteer back 10% of your time to the program (30 hours Sustainable Journey  = 3 hours volunteer time)

Sustainable Journey Resources

  • Sustainable Meals, Wardrobe Design, Resume Building Workshop, Interview Mock Up, Lifelong Learning, Transportation Assistance, plus many more.
  • We will connect you with professional salon services, occupational counselors, educators, local  employers, and industrial safety programs to better help you build a bridge to a sustainable life.
  • Set goals, accomplish them, repeat…

Sustainable Journey Concept


#SustainableJourney is a program designed to assist in everyday life know-hows and values. Ranging from home economics lessons to job preparation and occupational placement, we want to assist in setting locals up with a bridge to a sustainable income. We partner with community educators and leaders to provide continuing education tutoring and assistance, resume building, and interview preparation to help fill local jobs in our community. We partner with the Greenville Transit Authority to provide free transportation to program participants. From education to appearance, we help to make a career a reality,


#SustainableJourney targets post/non graduate, unemployed, homeless, low income, continuing education and job seekers in our local communities. We also target small businesses to work with us to provide these job seekers with career placement.

Get Involved

If you are looking to volunteer your time, meals, coaching, sponsorship, scholarship, or fulfill employment positions within your company, contact us. It takes a village and we are just facilitators in the movement. We are also always searching for business attire for our jobseekers.

If you would like to donate an outfit, your may mail it to:

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Greenville, SC 29609

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