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Coffee has transcended around the globe since it was discovered in Ethiopia. Have you tried them all?

We will take you from Brazil where the majority of coffee is exported from, to Colombia where coffee is the code to economics, over to Ethiopia where coffee was first discovered by goats, then to Guatemala which produces some of the best coffee in the world in our opinion.

Did you know that the tasting notes within the coffee is much determined by it’s origin? Our Tour of Coffee Subscription is a trip around the globe, tasting the finest coffees being cultivated from the highest grade coffee farms in all of the earth. We have the perfect coffee subscription for you!



In your first Tour of Coffee | Subscription box, we will include a Color Tasting Wheel from the Specialty Coffee Association. This is the standard for cupping coffee and recognizing the tasting notes within each roast.

Coffee varies by origin in its density, aroma, and taste. Each coffee in our collection goes through a cupping session to determine its natural characteristics. As we develop each roast, we use SCA Standards to map the coffees tasting notes. The Sensory Lexicon is available from us as well. Click here to request download permission to the SCA Lexicon to see how we arrive at each tasting note within the color wheel.

When you sign up for our Tour of Coffee | Subscription, you will never have to leave your home to experience the world of coffee. Not only will we automatically send you each feature of fresh roasted, 100% Arabica. premium coffees, but we will educate you on each origin, tell you about the process, and introduce you to the farmer.


We have established secure buying power throughout the globe and house the world’s most exotic coffees from various regions. All of our coffees are single origin, sourced through direct-trade, and we can ensure equal pay from seed-to-cup.

Each year we are working to secure the next big harvests, but we never dumb down a farmers asking price. If we can’t afford it, we’ll circle back when we have the asking dollars to secure the crop. We will take you along for the journey and give you a peek into what it takes to bring a specific coffee to your cup!

We only source specialty coffees and of specialty graded coffees,we only source a 96% or higher on the specialty grading scale!

Once we import a specific origin of coffee, our team begins the roast development process to ensure we are encapsulating the most that each coffee has to offer based on SCA Standards of roasting and preservation of coffee.

We take pride in each of our roasts in our collection and once you see our process, you will too!

~ A few things to note below about our Signature Flavoured Collection ~

Early Goat Signature Flavoured Coffee

100% Natural | Vegan | Zero Sugar Content | Allergen Free | Certified Chemical Free


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