#Shoelaces is a community effort to bring health and sustainability to residents within our local community of Sans Souci. Volunteers spend their time planting and harvesting our local garden, then we pack shoeboxes of vegetables to deliver to elderly, widows, and disabled residents in Sans Souci.

More About #Shoelaces

Shoelaces Enrollment

  • All Sans Souci Community residents are welcome to enroll in our Shoelaces program.
  • Enrollment is free, each Shoelaces box is $5.
  • Enroll yourself or a loved one to receive a sponsored Shoelaces box weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. (eligibility required)
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Sponsored Shoelaces Requirements

  • Must be a resident of Sans Souci.
  • Elderly, Widowed, Disabled, Income Restricted, Family, and many other cases. Please contact us to inquire.
  • Anyone can sponsor our Shoelaces program. You can buy weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and choose the term of your sponsorship at our regular cost and we will link your sponsorship with an eligible enrollee in the community to receive your sponsored box.

Shoelaces Resources

  • Each enrollee wether paid or sponsored will receive a shoebox filled with fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce at a cost of $5 each or free for sponsored eligible.
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly Shoelaces boxes for each enrollee for the term selected. 
  • No contract, you can cancel Shoelaces at any tome for any reason, no questions asked.

Shoelaces Concept


Shoelaces are designed to hold your shoes on your feet. Imagine shoes without shoelaces. We feel that nutrition is the #1 key to sustainable health. Without nutrition, your body is not adequate to maintain a viable life. #Shoelaces mission is to provide shoeboxes of in-season, fresh, locally grown produce to locals at an affordable price. We also work with local farms to ensure that every thing that is grown is put to good use.


Shoelaces targets elderly, widowed, and low-income families to ensure they receive access to healthy eating in an amount that they can consume without the risk of waste.

Get Involved

We are always looking for donated shoeboxes, growers, volunteers, and delivery helpers to make #Shoelaces a success. Contact us to get involved.

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