Costa Rica | Los Jimenez (washed)


Green Apple | Nougat | Silky

      This Premium, Costa Rican coffee is bright with green apple!

Roasted to an even caramel color, this coffee preserves all of its natural characteristics within.

A great morning roast or evening wind me down. Also recommended for blending with our other premium  selections.

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Costa Rica | Los Jimenez (washed)

Costa Rica | Los Jimenez (washed)





Ana Lorena tells a powerful story filled with pride in her accomplishments. Together with her son, she manages a three hectare farm planted with catuai and caturra varieties. Additionally, they welcome tourists into their home, and they sell roasted coffee. True to her roots in the area, Ana Lorena has personally planted thousands of coffee plants on her land and will proudly show the dirt on her hands as proof of work. The farm sits at 1760 masl near the small town of Cedral, only 45 minutes away from the bustling San José. Nevertheless, pulling up at her farm will transport you away and allow for full immersion and the clouds and forest around. Most neighbors also grow coffee and belong to the same family lineage, often helping each other out on the farms. 

Ana Lorena delivers her coffee to the nearby Roble Negro Micromill. Here Jorge Vazques uses the traditional methods he learned in his childhood to create a clean and crisp washed coffee that is rare in Costa Rica. It can be difficult for producers like Ana Lorena to reach the international markets as a separated micro lot. Through the partnership with the Roble Negro Micromill, traceability is maintained, and regardless of size or available infrastructure, this coffee can be represented on the world stage.
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