#GiveACup – LEO

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#GiveACup - LEO


#GiveACup is a way for us to give back to our local men and women who serve in BLUE!

It’s easy…

> You buy a #GiveACup for $1

> We give your #GiveACup through our 24/7 coffee station in our lobby; accessible to officers in our community who enjoy it daily!

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It all starts with a $1.00 cup of coffee… #GiveACup

#GiveACup - LEO

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This mission was inspired by:
Sgt. Conley Jumper - Greenville County Sheriff's Office
EOW 10-20-20

Our Mission Explained

On October 20, 2020, orders were rolling in and we were almost giving in the the aroma of pumpkin spice that filled the air.

 All of our phones alerted from our local news channel app; an accident involving a local law enforcement officer with reported injuries had been taken to the hospital.

We knew from the presence of deputies and the light information it was very serious. I was nervous for my friends who are deputies and friends whose spouses work for nearby agencies. 

We eventually learned of the story of Sgt. Conley Jumper who succumbed to his injuries while assisting deputies in a traffic stop on our busiest interstate.

As it turned out, I didn’t know Master Deputy Jumper or his family; wife Sarah or daughter Kat. But, we knew the men and women who serve our community in blue were broken just the same.

We released a statement of condolence to the sheriff’s office and extended an offer to keep coffee in our lobby for them for the next few days, around the clock.

Sgt. Jumper was laid to rest on Saturday and we were already overwhelmed by the friendships we had made in the last few days.

We were still noticing continuous piles of sugar from obvious deputies in the middle of the night.

We decided to continue the twenty-four hour coffee station with access to our local law enforcement officers, seven days a week and we are committed to it around every clock.

We also offer a discount of 20% off to law enforcement and if they don’t know how to get that, they can contact us.


From Our Founder

Sergeant Jumper's commitment through law enforcement to honor, protect, and serve at the highest exemplary has made a lasting impact on our community and left a standard to live by.

His sacrifice will always be an impactful honor to be matched with the dignity in which he served us all.
Troy S.


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