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BUNN VPR 12-Cup Commercial Pour-Over Coffee Maker with 2 Glass Carafes (lease)

+ Portable design suitable for easy storage and placement

+ Pour over coffee maker supports two warmers with separate controls

+ Package includes BUNN brewer, two 64-ounce BUNN glass decanters, filter paper and cord

+ No additional plumbing or set-up required

+ Assembled in the US

$21.00 / month






BUNN® VPR 12-Cup Commercial Pour-Over Coffee Maker with 2 Glass Carafes is the best BUNN coffee maker featuring a portable design for easy storage and use. In addition to coming with two top-quality BUNN glass carafes, this coffee maker features two separately controlled warmers – one on top of the machine and one where fresh coffee is brewed – making sure you are never without a pot of hot coffee. Designed with the customer in mind for any setting, this commercial coffee machine will be the workhorse of the kitchen!

Why Use BUNN Products?

BUNN makes quality products for customers with high expectations. The company’s five pillars of strategic objective fixate on providing exceptional value to customers through supporting the needs of the workplace and aggressively pursuing quality improvement. With humble roots of a man just wanting to brew a great cup of coffee simply and quickly, BUNN quickly grew into a top competitor in the world of hospitality and food service.

Founded in 1957, BUNN is known for their top-notch beverage dispensing equipment. Much of their equipment is assembled in the US, ensuring your commercial-grade food service equipment matches the standards set forth by various agencies while matching the quality and expectations of you and your customers. As top manufacturers in the field, BUNN has remains loyal to their customers and works to maintain customer loyalty through great customer service and even better products. When you choose BUNN beverage products, you choose the best.

How Can I Use BUNN Pour-Over Coffee Maker?

BUNN VPR 12-Cup Commercial Pour-Over Coffee Maker with 2 Glass Carafes helps you move through the coffee routine faster and with more ease. Completely portable with no plumbing requirements, this is the best BUNN commercial coffee maker! The automatic pour-over coffee maker comes with an accessible water port on top of the machine, a pull-out filter tray and two separately controlled warmers to ensure you always have a hot pot of coffee ready. With a compact design, this 12-cup coffee maker makes life more automatic.

The BUNN coffee maker is easy to use. Start by pouring cold water into the port at the top of the machine, then add filter paper to the filter tray. Add your favorite ground coffee to the filter tray, set one of the glass carafes on the primary warmer and turn on the pour-over coffee maker – watch your coffee brew immediately! Plus, it comes with two classic BUNN glass carafes that are ready to use and keep in use all day.

Deliver More Perfect Pours with BUNN

BUNN VPR 12-Cup Commercial Pour-Over Coffee Maker with 2 Glass Carafes features the best of commercial coffee makers. This pour-over coffee maker with an additional warmer also features classic BUNN glass carafes. You can be sure every cup of coffee is perfectly poured with this BUNN coffee maker.

Weight 12.5 lbs


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