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“Let us help you conquer your next fundraising project”

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Early Goat Coffee Co.

Your community will be waiting on our fundraiser to come back around”

Premium | Fresh Exotic | Hand Selected | 100 % Arabica | Single Origin | Artisan Roasted | Whole Bean | Specialty Coffees

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Customizing Your Fundraiser

  • Consider our private label option. We will use your organization’s logo to create a custom label for your project.
  • Choose from over 25 roasts to build your fundraiser selection.
  • Work with our Roasting Team to develop and label your own blends! Make it fun!
  • We will work with your Fundraiser Captain and organization to develop a fundraiser that best fits your needs and increases your organizations profitability.
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Types of Fundraising

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Military Projects
  • Music Programs
  • Charity Organizations
  • Arts & Theater Departments
  • Sports Teams
  • Individual (NGO)
  • + More
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Fundraising Products

  • Choose from our over 25 Roasts & Signature Flavors
  • 2 oz bags (single brew) of whole beans or ground coffee
  • 12 oz bags of whole beans or ground coffee
  • 1 lb bags of whole beans or ground coffee
  • Trio | Quadro Coffee Box
  • Coffee Subscription
  • Brewing Merchandise & Accessories
  • + More
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[title style=”bold_center” text=”Early Goat Fundraiser Program”]

Our Committment

     Here at Early Goat Coffee Co., we are committed to making your fundraiser a huge success! We will work with your organization to develop a fundraiser that is right for you. We have the honor of working with many local schools, churches, music programs, charity organizations, and individuals within South Carolina; providing a premium product at a price that guarantees profitability for your project.

      Early Goat Coffee Co. is registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State Charities Division as a Professional Fundraiser Company and operates under the guidelines set forth by the South Carolina Secretary of States compliance requirements. All fundraiser contracts are submitted and recorded with the South Carolina Secretary of State Charities Division to ensure legal compliance within our Fundraising Program.

Let Us Do The Rest

     We have short turn around times, so your customers don’t have to wait terribly long to receive their order. We can provide all fundraiser marketing, order forms, samples (if requested), and more to make your project a success. Contact our Fundraising Team with any questions you may have about organizing your next fundraiser today!

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