Early Goat Coffee Co. was founded in 2018, by two southern boys with a calling to do something helpful for their community.

     Born in Travelers Rest, SC, Troy Styles spent over ten years traveling the globe in hopes of experiencing every culture in it’s raw form. After his world travels, he had gained a new perspective on how others lived and what makes people tick. Venturing into the coffee business in 2017, was foreign territory, but that’s just what he was used to and created not only a challenge, but also a bit of an excitement. “It was one thing to learn about coffee and how many consumed it each day, but to submerge myself into the culture around coffee was what really brought things full circle.” Troy began remember back to his college days, specifically world history and the impact coffee had on trade.

” I wanted to launch a brand that was not specific to just coffee, but something that embraced the similarity of each culture and the differences among them.”

Troy and his partner, Damian came up with the name “Early Goat” in early 2017, but it was not and easy sale says Troy. “Damian hated the name at first and said it would never work, but I knew Early Goat embodied something bigger than just coffee.”  Sure, it has a farm rendition to it, and coffee is farmed, but something still lingered in the path that was unidentifiable at the time.

                                                                                                  EARLY GOAT IS BORN

After adopting three children along with surviving a long term illness, health and nutritional stability became staples in their lives and Troy had to figure a way to tie the two to coffee. They began volunteering in their local community garden and quickly became enthused with how they could use that platform to infuse health, nutritional stability, and coffee into their local community of “Sans Souci,” which means worry-free in French.

Realizing the needs of the community became a even more powerful calling to do something to help others through coffee. There, in the “Sans Souci Community Garden,” the idea was born. To open a coffee shop that would serve as a community staple and center for those less fortunate and to also be able to provide affordable nutrition to all within it. The local schools are Title I, which is made up mostly of children and youth who face obstacles and render them less likely to finish their education. A workforce that faced employment crisis and housing needs spread throughout community also made them want to make a difference.


                                                                                                                                    Bringing Sans Souci Together

“My goal is to bring people together through coffee while offering art, nutrition, and entertainment to the stage and our heart is set on Sans Souci and seeing it flourish!” In 2018, the brand, Early Goat Coffee Co. is born and the offerings of coffee will blow your mind!

Troy says, “Now that we have the brand on the market, we have an opportunity to start development of our Early Goat Coffee Cafe in the heart of Sans Souci and will be stepping towards bringing all of our visions together, under one roof. We will have a stage, produce, coffee, everything fresh! We are planning a weekly brunch menu and so much more! We can’t wait to bring it to life!” It seems that the locals within this community are anxious and excited to see this vision come to life. It’s doors will be open to everyone, no matter what, who, or their circumstances.


Damian’s Enters the World of Coffee

   Damian, a native of Huntsville, Alabama finally jumped on board with the name and from there, it was an absolute go! Damian and Troy both have worked together to build the Early Goat Coffee Co. brand from the ground up. “Implementing our vision of  community embodiment within Sans Souci and developing Early Goat Coffee Cafe is the next step of our future and we are a bit anxious to get there.” Damian and Troy plan to open Early Goat Coffee Cafe in mid/late 2019.




                                       SELECTING OUR ROASTS

   Using their senses to strategically select each origin of coffee under their brand is ever evolving. Troy and Damian personally cup each roast in a table session every week and discuss variances in the roasting to make their final selections. “We don’t always get it right the first time, but we won’t put a product out until we feel we find the exact roast that exemplifies all of characteristics of that particular bean.” Damian explains how the science of measuring each roast is pertinent in the selection process.

Early Goat Coffee Co. maintains a strong trade relationship with Ally Coffee, who imports and distributes coffee from around the globe. “We work very closely with Ally to uphold buying power from specific origins and  them having boots on the ground to facilitate direct trade relationships with local farmers plays an instrumental role in making sure the chain is pure from seed to cup.” There is a major difference in Fair Trade and Direct Trade. Fair Trade is generally a charted set price per green coffee; whereas direct trading with farmers themselves allows for no adjustment to worth or value. These farmers have become developed relationships which also creates a history behind each cup. 



 Coffee has been traded since the beginning of time, originating in Ethiopia as early as the 10th century. It has remained one of the highest traded commodities in all of the world. How each culture has evolved coffee is really interesting. The story of Kaldi and his goats is believed to be the originating factor of coffee and how it actually began. 

     A video below describes how Kaldi, a goat herder in Ethiopia noticed his goats weren’t sleeping at night. They has recently taken a liking to a specific tree and been eating it’s cherries. Kaldi opened the cherries from the tree and took the green beans out of them and roasted them. He then boiled the roasted bean and coffee was discovered.

Since, coffee has spread throughout the world and its brewing methods have evolved as has its culture. Turkish coffee is brewed in hot sand, Italian coffee is never to-go, and Americans drink coffee day and night. Everyone loves coffee, but we all prefer it a certain way.


At Early Goat Coffee Co., we will take you around the globe with coffee. We will teach you along the way how to identify the tasting notes within each roasted coffee and provide you with in depth details surrounding each harvest, its origin, and the process in which it has been prepped for roasting. “We take a lot of pride in each roast selection.” Specializing in fresh roasted coffee from around the globe, Early Goat Coffee Co. has a niche for providing legendary customer service along with a perfect cup of coffee.

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