More About Adopt a Neighbor

Adopt a Neighbor Enrollment

  • There is no charge to enroll in Adopt A Neighbor
  • Enroll yourself or a loved one
  • Intended for widows, elderly, lonely, disabled, and more.

Adopt A Neighbor Volunteer Duties

  • Communicate, Assist, and Accompany your Adopted Neighbor weekly
  • Provide a weekly outing, and sitting session to accompany your match.
  • Must be willing to volunteer 3 hours of your time weekly to assist your Adopted Neighbor.

Adopt A Neighbor Resources

  • Our volunteers will accompany their adopted neighbor weekly in an effort to provide assistance with simple, yet everyday needs. ie. grocery, laundry, light household, meal prep, outings, or just conversation.
  • Our volunteers are not medically trained professionals! They do not lift, assist with mobility, provide bathing assistance, dressing assistance, or any type of wound care to our enrolled neighbors. 
  • If you have questions about how our “Adopt A Neighbor” program can assist you or your loved on, please reach out to us.

Adopt A Neighbor Concept


#AdoptANeighbor is likely one of our most important initiatives in the Sans Souci community. About 10 years ago, we experienced a terrible ice storm, which left community residents without power in record freezing temperatures for over ten days. This posed great danger to the local elderly and disabled residents of our community. Some of our community residents are lonely, have no way to shop for groceries, and are not able to keep up with everyday housework to keep their environment safe.

#AdoptANeighbor is a great way to give back. We will pair you with a local commnu nity resident to volunteer your time to assist in whatever way possible. Needs range from transportation to doctors appointments, weekly outings, meal prep, to light housework. We want to make sure that each and every resident in our community is thriving, even in their lingering years. It’s more rewarding than you can imagine. Some of our residents just enjoy story telling with their volunteer. Others need help to remain sustainable in their later years. We want to connect those volunteers with the residents who so desperately need it.


#AdoptANeighbor is a community initiative to give back to our elders. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact us. We will link you with a neighbor in need. Our #AdoptANeighbor program searches for elders, widows, and disabled residents who live independently in our community with limited family or resources. If you know of a resident who you would nominate for #AdoptANeighbor, we want to hear from you.

Get Involved

We mostly depend on sponsors and volunteers to pull this initiative off. It takes much planning and keeping up with to be sure we don’t miss a resident or a need. If you have clerical, medical professional training, or you’re just a conversationalist and are interested in bonding with one of our elders, we encourage you to contact us for more information.

Enrolling a Neighbor

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