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About us

Who We Are ?

A specialty coffee manufacturing company focused on laying a positive footprint in our local community through channels of impactful giving.

How We Are?

Sourcing the worlds most sought after coffees and connecting them to our consumers is an experience of learning that we enjoy very much.

What They Say?

Our premium coffees and roasting trends continue to make us a top choice in coffee distribution and a favorite to all who continue to experience our brand.

Our Story of Exploration

After falling into the industry of coffee by complete accident, it became evident that the world of coffee involved many channels of learning and processes that resulted in its pleasure. To pick a process from seed-to-cup took a bit of bouncing before we found our passion.

First, it was processing orders, then it was a taste of roasting which we found to be a bit discouraging since it was an art building skill that we didn’t have patience to master at that time. 

Anxious to understand coffee and all of it’s processes, we partnered with a master of coffee and worked for equity in the brand. When we began to grow the sales of the brand and saw profits skyrocket, a bright light for us was the realization that not only could we produce beautiful coffees, but it was what each cup transpired that we were truly after.

The relationships, conversations, business deals, and healing that take place over a cup of coffee each day around the globe can be captivating. We don’t really think of all of the various forms in which people and cultures take their coffee, but it perked an interest in us to discover more and to be an instrumental part of the footprint of coffee in a positive, yet invigorating way.

We soon came to the realization that we could make a larger global footprint if we walked away from our partnership and began with a brand that encapsulated the beautiful differences of coffee and its potential impact from cup-to-cup.

In March of 2018, the Early Goat Coffee Co. brand was established with a mind-set of sustaining farms, transparency in trading, and making lasting impressions through all channels of manufacturing this fascinating bean that was the start of so many mornings of people around the world. 

We partnered with Ally coffee and began an accreditation process to be recognized and trained through Specialty Coffee Association standards which are the most highly recognized standardizations of coffee roasting and brewing internationally and nationally.

That process has taken us from sourcing to roasting, packing concepts, and brewing methods that have breathed life into our brand and brewed the most fabulous morning cups of coffee that you have come to know and love each and every day.

We continue to learn, grow, and explore through global sourcing, experimenting various fermentation processes, and  testing roasting methods to maximize our coffees vibrancies and bring about its highest potential qualities in various brewing methods.

Our impact has grown in ways we never could have imagined and our brand has become a crowd favorite; often describes as “the best coffee I’ve ever tasted” by consumers of our brand who have experienced our collection. 

Our focus has remained true to leave a lasting footprint in this industry and to connect with as many of our customers as possible over time and to leave the world of coffee better than we found it.

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Educational Support

Learn more about the industry of coffee and its cultural impact.

Direct Trade Sourcing

Sourcing through direct trade inspires better quality coffees.

Global Sustainability

Our core is built on globally sustainable future for all.

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